Getting there

I’ve just started to feel like myself again. Kinda. But, before I go into that, thanks for all the supportive words after my last post. I was not fishing for compliments, I am just trying to record this process. How I feel, how I look, and how I feel I look all changes pretty quickly these days. I think documenting all of that will help me in the future. Perhaps, it will even help someone else. That said, I am ever grateful for the messages I received. Body image is delicate for all of us, I think.

I’m healing. Now I can do things like  gently stretch when I wake up in the morning, sleep allllmost on my stomach, walk briskly, lift Sylvie out of bed (hooray!!), lift my arms up over my head, dance in the kitchen with the kids (hooray again!!!) and today I, without thinking, picked up Liam- lots of good progress. This evening I may even try swimming. What the hell, right?! I just sanded some rough-cut pine tables for the last two days and I’m still moving around.

Also, I’ve been forgetting to update you on actual medical details and many of you have been asking. First, I have silicone implants. They have their own ID card that I’m supposed to carry with me. Hilarious and amazing. Should I show them at airport security?! I’m slowly getting used to how the implants feel. Supposedly/eventually, they’ll be softer and more malleable than their saline sisters. Mine are still super firm, but much better than when I wrote the last post.

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