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The little engine

At the end of last week I was finally feeling good and like things were settling down; my life was reaching a more ideal pace. That didn’t last for long! Yesterday I was totally overwhelmed. Sylvie broke her leg on Sunday … Continue reading

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Getting there

I’ve just started to feel like myself again. Kinda. But, before I go into that, thanks for all the supportive words after my last post. I was not fishing for compliments, I am just trying to record this process. How … Continue reading

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It happened.

So, it finally happened. I knew that it would eventually. This morning, without warning I got hit with an emotional ton of bricks. As I pealed off the last of the bandages and was left totally naked in front on … Continue reading

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I have foobs (fake boobs) and OH MAN! are they more comfortable than tissue expanders. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t have the words to describe what the expanders felt like, but it wasn’t good. In fact, now that they’re … Continue reading

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